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Small weekend house project

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Tiny weekend house project in Russia

small house project

Why to build a small house?

Tiny house is a perfect choice for hermit cabin, lake, mountain or forest cabin, or a retreat, weekend house. But someone without a big family can live in a small house. Small but well designed dwelling can offer all  amenities for life.

Simple life in a small house will create freedom for you: mortgage freedom, freedom from stuff and all the chores and headaches that come along with it. Living in a tiny house would allow to free up your time and funds for intellectual and recreational pursuits.

weekend cabin
Let's have a look at the vacation rental  small dwellings in Russia.
tiny russian cabin
Those small houses are the part of country hotel close to the medieval Russian Orthodox Alexander-Svirsky Monastery in 200 miles East from St. Petersburg.  
tiny cabin
Small weekend house measures only 250 square feet and consists of 1.5 stories. Better to say - one floor and a tiny loft.
small dwelling
This house project got a concrete pile foundation, frame construction, stone wool insulation. Siding is made from painted pinewood. Galvanized polymer-covered iron roofing.
small house plan

That 250 square feet tiny house features an open concept floor plan for the kitchen/dining/living. The dwelling is just one room with one double bed and a kitchen/dining. The the bathroom and shower are separated from the rest of that small house. There is a small loft with two single beds upstairs... Steep slope stairs...

small house project
Inside the small house you’ll find a tiny open space flanked by the kitchen on one side and with seprated bathroom. All spaces are incredibly small. There are a lofted nook beds on the second level.
tiny house
That small house offers a gallery style foyer that opens to the cathedral cielings space. All inside small house is covered with white vanilla painted hardwood planks.
small house
The French vanilla colour palette provides extra visual space for that tiny dwelling.
steep slope staircase
Very very steep hardwood staircase - is a space saving feature and the death-trap variety, that requires some cat climing skills to stay alive at home.
small house project
Tiny loft nook with to single beds. Enough to sleep well during the vacation time.
loft railing
Tiny house hardwood loft railing.
small house visualization
Small house loft visualization.
small house floorplan
Downsized space small house floorplan.
shipping container conversion cabin
That tiny house was built as a conversion from shippng container. I will publish that story soon. Stay tuned!
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