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Installing a corner shower box

How to install a corner shower box? I bought a noname "Made in China" corner shower box with glass doors. The price was good and I liked the design. The only problem was the assembling manual. It was written in lacaonic language: "Step #1: Assemble tray. Step #2: Assemble walls"... So I had to work through the process of the corner shower assembling and installation myself. It took some time and I made couple mistakes.

Here is my illustrated corner shower box assembling and installation manual.

corner shower box assembling and installation   shower box assembling and installation
Open the shower box package and check the safety glasses. You can check glasses in a store: shake the package. No bounce - no glass cracks.  

The most important shower stuff is in a separate box: all shower accessories and fasteners. Check all the little parts: screws, washers, etc.

corner shower assembling and installation   corner shower installation

Carefully screw in long studs into the shower tray. Protect your hands with gloves: tray is made from the glass fiber: beware of splinters!


Screwing bolts, nuts and nut washers. Fit criss-cross shower tray frame support.

corner shower box   corner shower installation
Screw in the central support foot.  

Fix the central shower tray support foot with the nut.

corner shower assembling    shower installation

Fixing the shower tray support to wood blocks inside the shower tray.


Do not tighten the shower tray support screws untill support stand nuts will be tightened well. Otherwise the support deformation can turn the screws off the wood blocks.

corner shower box assembling and installation    shower box
Paint well the rust points on support metall beams.  

Level the shower tray support feet.

corner shower box   corner shower box installation
O-o-ps! We've forgot about the tray screen fasteners!  

Fit the shower stray screen fasteners and the tray feet and fix it with nuts and washers.

shower installing   diy corner shower box installation

Check the feet level.


Fit the shower trap system.

corner shower box assembling   corner shower unit installation
Attaching the shower trap pipe.  

Assembling the shower glass walls.

corner shower unit assembling    shower box assembling and installation

Applying the silicone waterproof sealant.


Fastens the rack and the glass walls support arch. Screw it at the op and the bottom of the rack.

shower box assembling and installation   corner shower installation
Put on the silicone sealant with a "petal" faced inside shower glass door.  

Use silicone sealant to fix glass walls rack at the shower tray. Do not use screws!

 shower assembling and installation   corner shower installation

Apply silicone on the shower walls joint...


and on a shower tray... Do not forget to remove a shower tray protective film.

corner shower box   corner shower installation
Fasten the shower glass walls rack with screws.  

Now fasten the shower glass walls rack and shower tray with screws. There are special drilled places in a tray.

corner shower   corner shower box assembling

Do the same with the second corner shower back wall part.


Appply the silicone sealant to mount the back shower panel.

shower box installation    shower installation

Fasten the back shower panel with screws.


The shower walls are assembled.

corner shower    shower box
Preparing shower glass doors to installation. Inastall and adjust the top rollers. The bottom glass door rollers can be pushed - pulled during the shower door installation.  

Adjust the top rollers when the shower glass door are installed.

 assembling and installation   corner shower installation

Then fit the plastic plugs for door rollers screw holes.


Halfway passed!

 shower box   corner shower unit

Shower box top with tropical shower, fan, speaker and backlight light.


Screw it!.

corner shower enclosure   install a shower

Apply sealant to prevent speaker dribbling.


Connecting top tropical shower pipe.

fit shower   shower unit installation

Corener shower box top view from inside.


Installing shower doors handles.

fitting a shower tray    shower box

Coonnect all water pipes fromthe back. Level the shower stray and install the shower tray screen.


The corner shower box unit is assembled and installed.

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