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Scandinavian barbecue hut

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Scandinavian barbecue hut - Finnish Grillkota (BBQ Hut)

Scandinavian barbecue hut

Finnish barbecue (BBQ) hut

Nowadays cookout is becoming more and more popular as a leisure activity, highlighting the people desire for open-air living. Also more homeowners are spending their leisure and vacation time at home. The backyard can be a new vacation destination! Traditional Lappish (Sami) grill house -Grillikota is a unique option to cook outdoors, but in indoor comfort. Nordic style barbecue hut is a great place to enjoy cooking and time spending with family or friends.  

Photos: © 2014 Andrew Dachnick.

BBQ hut grillkota
Scandinavian barbecue hut - is a stylish, low maintenance multipurpose calm-inducing recreation space for outdoor cooking indoors.
Scandinavian barbecue hut
The Scandinavian huts have their origin in the wilds of Lapland.
lapland turf hut
Original grassy laplander (Sami people) huts in the Norwegian highlands were built of turf slabs.
BBQ hut grillkota
Nowadays leisure lapalnder hut Grillkota is made from a thick pine that keeps in the warmth and shuts out the cold. Choose between the traditional 6-sided 6m2, 9 m2, 11m2 or 16,5 m2Scandinavain barbecue huts for all year long grilling and entertaining.
Scandinavian barbecue hut
Scandinavian BBQ huts are very versatile. Barbecue huts can be used as a spare room: as an daily outdoor living room, party room and are great for sleepovers. Barbecue hut is warmed enough by central grill to serve you at winter time as well. Remember that cooking on charcoal or gas in freezing temperatures can take up to twice as long in summer temperatures.
BBQ hut grillkota
This Scandinavian barbecue hut can be upgraded to Finnish sauna or hot tub room. Replace the grill with the sauna stove and add higher sauna benches.
Scandinavian barbecue hut
Barbecue hut looks small from outside, but very spacious inside with a central grill, ringed by bench seats. It can be easely coverted to office at home, an extra bedroom, fishing or shooting lodge. Grillikota barbecue hut comfortably seats 15, and also sleep 3 adults on fold out beds.
BBQ hut grillkota central grill
The central charcoal grill with a hood, double flue, and chimney to vent out smoke is surrounded by dining space and benches.
 bbq hut smoke pipe
Grill hut smoke pipe and roof ventilation outlet.
Scandinavian barbecue hut
To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in BBQ hut it should be well-ventilated. It is better to place hut on a patio to provide air inlet directly to the central charcoal grill underneath. With the ground installation the BBQ hut foundation should incorporate 150mm air inlet pipes from 1 or 2 sides to come up underneath the barbeque unit. Never close the roof ventilation cap.
Scandinavian barbecue hut ventilation
BBQ hut Grilkota air inlet pipes placement scheme.
BBQ hut grillkota floor plan
16,5 square meters Finnish berbecue hut floor plan.
Scandinavian barbecue hut dimensions blueprint
16,5 square meters Scasndinavian barbecue hut main dimensions.
BBQ hut grillkota
The Sida barbecue Grill house & bar got more space for fun and leisure. The larger dimensions allowing to enjoy garden or landscape view through the 6 sets of large double glazed windows.
Scandinavian barbecue hut & bar
The Sida grill house looks like extended barbecue hut.
BBQ hut grillkota
An attractive feature in any garden, thу Sida grill house & bar will become the centrepiece of outdoor living space and a favourite dining venue for all the family. And it can be a perfect guesthouse.
Scandinavian barbecue hut
Lovely Sida grill house interior with central barbecue, smoke extraction hood and chimney, which are ringed by folded benches. It is ideal for cooking and creating a warm atmosphere with a living fire for a dinner party with a difference. 
Scandinavian barbecue hut
The Sida grillhouse's charcoal berbecue grill can be used to cook (and turn) fish as well as meat. There is a small griddle that could be used for the vegetarian option, and a spruce table that surrounds the barbecue. 
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