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Sauna construction details

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DIY sauna construction details

sauna construction details

Well, this is an illustrated story "How to build your own sauna". My house is made of aerated autoclaved concrete blocks. The outer wall got 10 cm mineral wool insulation. Inside the sauna walls were carefully plastered with water resistant cement plaster (cement + sand + water + silicates). It is better to use modern organic water resistant chemicals (like Krystol), but plastered walls in my sauna will not be in direct contact with water or mechanical damaging agents to remove the waterproofing Calcium Silicate Hydrates from the Sauna walls.

I am going to place a Russian made metal wood burning Vulkan sauna stove ($300.00) in the sauna. Wood burning stove has more heat output comparing to electric stoves. Also it is a "green stove" without any electromagnetic fields, generated by electric sauna stoves. That sauna heater is equipped with the water boiling system. Furthermore in XXI century Russia the house electricity supply can be turned off at any time - due to any accident or by the will of drunk electric supply company personnel. So it is better to be "fuel independent", especially if you are relaxing in your sauna.

The most popular sauna sizes are 150 x 210 cm and 180 x 210 cm. This size allows one sauna user to lay flat on a bench or four adults to sit in reasonable comfort. The ceiling height for a sauna can be from 200 cm to a maximum 210 cm high. A sauna height of 210 cm for the ceiling will permit the best heat level in the entire sauna. Because heat rises sauna ceiling height of 220 cm and more will defeat the temperature comfort inside. And don't forget to check the minimum sauna height in the sauna heater manual. See sauna benches dimensions chart for more details.

It took 6 weekends for me to build the sauna within the ACC block walls.

Do-it-yourself sauna step-by-step construction details:

sauna walls framing   sauna walls supports
I am mounting the pine frame over the plastered sauna walls. The electric wiring runs in PVC tubes.   Each wooden beam was impregnated with antiseptic. I am putting wooden spacers to create ventilated space of 2-3 mm between wooden frame and sauna walls plaster.
sauna frame   nylon plugs for sauna frame
Checking the wood frame beams position with a bubble level.   We are mounting sauna wood frame with screws and nylon plugs 6 mm.
waterpipes in sauna   copper pipe for sauna
The water pipes are placed under the sauna walls insulation so the heat will not affect it.   The "last mile" of water supply to sauna stove water boiler is made of heat resistant copper pipe. This is a back up water heating system for bathing.
sauna construction   chimney firespop spacer
The lower beams of sauna walls frame are mounted with 3-4 mm spacing from the ceramic tile floor to avoid the moisture decay of wood frame.   We use mineral wool insulated inox chimney 50 cm firestop spacer. The chimney can be very hot - up to 500-600 C° . The joints between iron firesop spacer and woodbeams are pritected with flat mineral wool insulation. Above the ceiling the inox chimney is placed into a fire resistant ACC bloks box.
sauna electric wireing   sauna ventilation
All main electric wiring is placed in a space between sauna ceiling and the floor ceiling. The wood beams of floor ceiling is protected with corrugated iron.   The active air ventilation system will help to remove moisture from sauna and shower box after the sauna session.
sauna ceilinig frame   sauna ceiling insulation
The sauna ceiling frame is made from impregnated wood beams size 5 х 5 cm in cross section.   We are placing infrared heat reflective vapour barrier (metallized paper) over the wood beams.
mineral wool insulation   mineral wool insulation
We are using 5 cm formaldegid free mineral wool insulation for sauna walls inside our house.   For sauna sieling insulation we will use 20 cm insulation.
sauna chimney insulation   sauna cieling insulation
It is better to use double chimney for better house fire protection. We have a single pipe chimney... so we are covering it with the heat resistant stone wool insulation and couple layers of foil.   The two layers of sauna ceiling insulation 20cm total thickness.
sauna walls insulation   sauna walls vapour barrier
Placing mineral wool insulation between the wooden frames of sauna walls.   Covering insulation with the metallized sauna paper to avoid condensation within the insulation or between the insulation and the wall. All corners, connections and other possible holes for mineral wool sauna air pollution should be carefully protected with metallized adhesive tape.
сауна стены паров огнезащитные   sauna cladding fasteners
Over the sauna walls vapour barrier we are placing impregnated wood planks to create ventilation spacing between sauna walls wooden planks and metallized paper. We will use aspen lumber for sauna walls cladding.   We will use galvanized nails and metal fasteners to fix aspen planks to supports.
sauna boards   sauna cladding fasteners
It is better to start boarding with the ceiling. We are going to use african aromatic cedar planks for sauna ceiling.   Nailing sauna ceiling cladding fasteners.
nailing cladding fasteners   sauna chimeny firestop spacer
Use a metal stick for nailing to avoid cladding demolishing with a hummer.   Placing mineral wool insulation between cladding and firestop spacer.
sauna ceiling doorway   ceiling door
Framing and covering the ceiling doorway.   Framing and cladding of ceiling door.
sauna ventilation   sauna anemostat
Placing the ventilation outlet anemostat.   It is covered with pine wood cap.
sauna aspen lumber cladding   sauna cladding
For sauna interior cladding I used ordinary aspen tongue-and-groove boards. It should be dry that isn’t going to shrink.    I use the wood board mediator to hammer boards for final position at sauna cladding.
saun aaspen planks   cladding sandpaper
To save some money I used short aspen boards that are cheaper. The joint will be hidden behaind the bench.   Not all boards were of hign quality. So I had to use abrasive sand paper to shape it well.
sauna walls   door trimming
The interior sauna cladding was impregnated with special sauna antiseptic.   Trimming the sauna doorway.
sauna light fixtures   sauna liight grill
The Finnish Harvia sauna light fixtures were installed...   And covered with wooden grill.
sauna grill fasteners   light fixtures in sauna
Screws and fasteners to place a removable sauna light fixture grill in a corner.   And it is placed under the benches! Sauna lights under the seats provide great ambiance and safety.
half log sauna benches   saun abeckrest
I used aspen lumber (half logs) to make sauna benches. Aspen wood is very popular for saunas in Finland and Russia. Aspen lumber is very durable as well as moisture resistant. It retain natural colour even under high temperatures and it is non-allergenic (almost no scent).    Russian (Siberian) style sauna half log aspen benches with natual style aspen double backrest at my sauna.
sauna rocks   sauna stones
Sauna rocks play an important role in creation of the loyly (steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks). The best sauna rocks are the stones with high thermal capacity. Why is thermal mass so important? It help rocks to hold heat. The best in thermal capacity are Peridotite Stone (Arizona, Finland, Karelia).   We are rinsing new sauna stones before putting it over the sauna stove - this removes any dust and small flakes resulting from transit.
sauna stove   sauna stove
It's good care to take sauna stones out and wash them periodically and remove any broken-stone debris. Note that sauna walls around the stove are with ceramic tile.   If the sauna wood burning stove is installed in a wooden house, it is recommended to protect lumber cladding with heat resistant panels.
sauna heat resictant panel   sauna
To avoid scorching of the lumber cladding behind the
stove the heat resistant panels are installed with teh ventilation space. As an optional feature the panels
can also be lined with a mosaic tile for a bespoke
  So I made my first sauna myself. And it is working well!
sauna birch broom    
And this is the birch tree sauna broom for ultimate Russian sauna experience!    

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