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Sauna bench dimensions

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Finnish steam sauna bench dimensions

Sauna bench dimensions [an error occurred while processing this directive]

The most popular sauna sizes are 150 x 210 cm and 180 x 210 cm. This size allows one sauna user to lay flat on a bench or four adults to sit in reasonable comfort. The ceiling height for a sauna can be from 200 cm to a maximum 210 cm high. A sauna height of 210 cm for the ceiling will permit the best heat level in the entire sauna. Because heat rises sauna ceiling height of 220 cm and more will defeat the temperature comfort inside. And don't forget to check the minimum sauna height in the sauna heater manual.

The sauna benches mount height will determine what kind of heat each suana user will experience. The heat in the traditional Finnish sauna is very soft, difuse, eminating from all sources including the walls, ceiling, stove, and especially the air itself. The best sauna designs offer two levels of seating. The upper sauna bench is hotter than the lower bench. An upper bench, about 90 cm high, and a lower bench, about 45 cm high.  While planning benches size figure that you’ll need at least 60 cm of bench space for each sauna user.

Russian sauna (banya) benches dimensions (sizes)

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sauna benches dimensions

Sauna benches dimensions live view:

Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
Total sauna height is 208 cm.   The compact sauna bench length is 202 cm. The minimum lenght for very compact sauanas is 185 cm.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
The lower sauna bench height is 45 cm.   Lower sauna bench width - 50 cm.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
The upper bench height is 88 cm from the sauna floor and 43 cm from the lower bench. There is 120 cm dictance to sauna cieling for comfortable sitting.   Relaxed sitting sauna bench width of 70 cm.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
Small side benches width of 40 cm. The bench planks should have 1 cm spacing between them for air circulation.   Corner connection of two sauna benches.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
Simple sauna benches corner connection.   Sauna bench corner connection.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
Sauna upper bench witdth of 70 cm.   Sauna backrest dimensions for people 160-185 cm tall.
Sauna bench dimensions   Sauna bench sizes
Hidden backrest railing mount distance. Be sure to install benches with hidden fasteners so there are no exposed hot metal fasteners to burn people in sauna.   The abachi 2 cm thick railing is used as a support for abachi wood backrest planks.
sauna benches back   half log sauna benches
Sauna bench backrest is made from two colors lumber: abachi wood and cedar wood. Dot LED lighting was used in that sauna.   I used aspen lumber (half logs) to make sauna benches. Aspen wood is very popular for saunas in Finland and Russia. Aspen lumber is very durable as well as moisture resistant. It retain natural colour even under high temperatures and it is non-allergenic (almost no scent). 
half log sauna benches   half log sauna benches
Because of the high thermal mass the half log aspen sauna benches keep longer mild temperature while sauna gain heating, and staying warm longer comparing to regular light-weight plank sauna benches.   Russian (Siberian) style banya sauna half log aspen benches with natual style aspen double backrest at my sauna. Sauna lights under the seats provide great ambiance and safety.
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