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Russian wooden churches

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HD Photos of Russia: old and new wooden Orthodox churches

russian wooden church

Northen Russia is a country of forsests. So wooden architecture in Russia is known well from the the very old times. The remaining old time wooden churches architecture is original and most unique part of Russian Orthodox cultural heritage. But wooden churches are in danger of extinction now. Today only about 200 original wooden churches remain in the North -West part of country (St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Karelia and Vologda). Most survived unique and beautiful wooden churches date from the 1700s.

Local people in Russia continue to build new wooden churches. Some of the new wooden churches are inherit the Russian traditional church architecture styles. The other new wooden churches got new architecture look.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Russian wooden churches. If you will have an idea to take a tour around Russian countryside wooden churches - you are welcome! My contact information.

Photos: © Andrew Dachnick.
All photos (incl. Full HD wallpaper downloads) are licensed for free private non-commercial use. Images are clickable.

russian wood church
The newly built wooden Russian Orthodox Church of the Presentation of the Lord at Samuskino village, Volkhov region, Russia.
Russian wood churches
That newly built wooden church of St. Ioann Kronshtadtskiy in Podborovie village in Pikalevo region. Built in 1995-1997 it looks like 100-200 years old copying the ancient Archangelsk chapel exterior in the Sura village, St.Ioann's birthplace.
Russian wood churche altar
St. Ioann Kronshatdsky wooden church interior.
Russian wood churche sacred stone
The sacred stone and Holy Cross under the church altar. That tradions comes from the early Christianity days in Russia, when churches were built over the sacred pagan stones.
Russian wood churches
Newly built wooden Russian Orthodox church in Tikhvin on the former site of Nikolo-Besedny monastery, which was closed by bolsheviks-communists in 1924 and finally destroyed in 1941.
russian orthodox church  interior
The Nikolo-Besedny Ruusain wooden church interior.
russian icon
Russian Orthodox icons of Christ the Savior and Holy Virgin.
russain log church
Many Russian wooden churches have been saved in open air museums by enthusiasts. Church of the Holy Virgin's Nativity was built in year of 1539. It was moved to Vitoslvitsy musesum in Veliky Novgorod from the village of Peredki Borovichsky District
russian orthodox church interior
The XVI century wooden church altar.
russian church altar dome
Iconostasis within the Church of of the Holy Virgin's Nativity.
russian orthodox wooden church
The wooden Russian orthodox church of St. Michael the Archangel in Alechovshina village was built in 1730.
russian wooden churches
Old wooden churches are survived in remote and natural settings like this ancient St. Nicholas wooden church in Gavrilova gora village, Krasnie Strugi region (built 1689).
russian wooden churches
The Vitoslavitsy Museum open air wooden architecture museum got a great collection of restored wooden churches and traditional Russian log houses.
russian orthodox wooden church
The new Russian Orthodox wooden church of the Ascension in Lyiady village, Plussa district, Pskov region was built in 2005. The firts wooden church on that site was built in 12th century.
sacred spring in Russia
This 18th century wooden church with slant and tent roofs from Kashira village is known as a masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture. No nails or other fasteners were used in this construction. Patriarch Nikon banned this church structure in the 17th century as insufficiently Byzantine.
russian orthodox church
New Russian Orthodox wooden church in Pskov region.
russian wooden church architecture
Classic slant room wooden church of St. Basil the Great was built in year of 2000 by St. Petersburg artist Gretsky in Akulova mountain village.
russian church bells
Russian Orthodox church bells.
Russian wooden church
The Russian Orthodox wooden church of "All the Afflicted" Holy Virgin icon in Tvorozkovo female monastery, Krasnie Strugi region.
russian wooden churches
The 18th century wooden church in Vitoslvitsy museum.
russian orthodox church
The wooden church of the Holy Virgin Intercession in St. Petersburg was built in 2007 as a copy of famouse Kizi wooden church (1708). It has 22 domes and with a height of 37 meters.
russian wooden church interior
Russian wooden church interior with a Russian Orthodox monk.
russian wooden churche Old Ladoga
St. Dmitry Solunsky wooden church in Old Ladoga town was rebuilt in 1731 on the older church site.
russian orthodox wooden church
New wooden church in the remote forest of Lodeinoe Pole region.
russian orthodox church interior
Russian wooden church interior.
russian wooden church
St. Nicholas wooden church from the High Island village was built in 1757.
Russia's vanishing wooden churches
Old wooden churches especially suffered during the Soviet time. Many of last remnants of Russia's wooden churches lay abandoned in dead Russian villages just in 100 miles from St. Petersburg.  
russian church architecture
The Russian wooden church window shutters.
russian wooden church altar
Inside the wooden church of St. Basil the Great in Akulova mountain village.
Russian orthodox wooden church
The wooden Church of the Holy Virgin's Intercession in Borovik village, Pskov region.
Russian wooden church
The wooden Trininty church from Rjekon village was built in 1672—1676.
Russian church in a forest
The forest wooden St. Nicholas church on the Prayer island at Dubinsko lake near the Tvorozkovo monastery. To get that photo author had to swim across the lake with the camera in one hand above the water.
Russian wooden church new construction
The new wooden St. Ioann Kronshtadsky church constraction in Zaruchie village.
russian orthodox wooden log church
The wooden church of Holy Virgin's 'Perishing' Icon in Nikandrova pystin monastery, Pskov region.
how does russian church look like
The new Russain wooden church of Theotokos of Bogolyubovo was built in Lugovichi village in 2007.
old russian church
The wooden St. Nicholas church in Zayanie monastery, Gdov region.
alexander svirsky russian shurch
The new wooden church at the birthplace of St. Alexander Svirsky at the Oyat river.
russian orthodox monastery wooden curch
Church of St. Nicholas and Alexandra, Royal Passion in Nikandrova pystin monastery, Pskov region.
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