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Russian park

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Russian parks and gardens

russain park
Parks and gardens are the significant part of old Tsarist Russian Empire. The communist culture was unable to preserve most of wonderful small noble mansion sparks, but has converted most of the to ugly communal sites for proletarians. But hopeful some of old time Russian parks are continue to live in Russia. St. Petersburg - the former Russian Empire capital is a home to numerous parks and gardens like Summer Garden, English gardens in Pavlovsk and Oranienbaum. The most famous Russian park Peterhof park is was created by Peter the Great on a seashore near St. Petersburg 300 years ago.

Photos: © Andrew Dachnick.
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russian park peterhof
Grand Palace and the Grand fountains cascade in Peterhof park. All fountains are working without pumps. Water is supplied from natural springs and collects in reservoirs in the Upper Peterhof park.
Russian park peterhof
Monplaisir Palace in Lower Peterhof park sits right on the shoreline of the Gulf of Finland.
russian park peterhof
The Lower park in Peterhof.
russian park peterhof
The vine grape leaves near the Marli palace in Lower Peterhof park.
russian park
Traditional Russian park in Alexander Pushkin Boldino homestead.
old russain barn
The place of Aleksandrino at the noble manor by the Peterhof road.
old russain barn
Chinese Pond next to the Chinese Palace in the Upper park of Oranienbaum.
russian park
Oranienbaum parks are carefully landscaped and create a serene backdrop for wonderful palaces.
russian park
Italian sculpatures in Russain park of Oranienbaum.
russian park
The neoclassical Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe selo park.
russian park
Kineshma park on Volga river.
russian park
The 19th centure leisure in a Russian park.
russian park peterhof
The time makes the Upper Peterhof park more beautiful.
russian park
Old Russian park view.
russian park peterhof
Lower Pterhof park fountains.
russian park pushkin
Tsarskoe Selo park.
russian park
Plyos park on Volga river.
russian park
Tsarskoe selo park.
old russian window
Tulips in Russian park.
russian park pavlovsk
The park of Pavlovsk is one of the largest English-style parks in Europe with an idealized landscape filled with picturesque pieces of classical architecture, designed to surprise and please the spectator.
russian park
Natural Russian park.
russian lower park peterhof
The Monplaisir palace raised in the Lower park during the initial construction of Peterhof during the reign of Peter the Great. It was his favourite dacha.
russian park peterhof
Russain Peterhof palaces, gardens and parks are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles". The palace-ensemble is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
russian national  park
A beauty of Russian national park.
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