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Russian landscape

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HD Photos of Russia: how does Russia look like

Russian landscape

True Russia landscape photo gallery: the Search for a picturesque Russia.

The beauty of both historical Russian capitals - St Petersburg and Moscow are well known. But Russia has has much more to offer. Russia is the biggest country in the world and offers many must see picturesque landscapes. Stunning views of the Russian nature are dazzling. But it would probably take an entire lifetime to appreciate them all.

This page will present a spotlight of the lesser-known corners of North-West and Central Russia.  

Photos: © Andrew Dachnick.
All photos (Full HD wallpaper downloads) are licensed for free private non-commercial use.

russian landscapes
Traditional Russian Izba (log house) in Volga town of Plyos. Ivanovo region of Russia.
photos of russia
Plyos town was first mentioned in chroniclas in 1141. In 1410 it became a border post of the Grand Duchy of Moscow Vasily I. From the 17th to 19th centuries, Plyos was the main river port for the whole region.
russian landscape
Nothing new except cars, electricity and air conditioning has been appeared far deep in Russia for last centuries. At least at that photo...
true russain landscape
Old, Soviet and post-Soviet in one town of Belozersk. The pool on roadway is still there.
russian landscape
Russian field in Ivanovo region.
russian river
Ferry at Volga river by the Myshkin town, Jaroslavl region.
russain old town
Ancient town of Belozersk was first chronicled in year of 862. It is one of the five original Russian towns (Murom, Novgorod, Polotsk, and Rostov). The Viking Prince Sineus, Rurik's brother, came to reign in Belozersk in 862. Since 1000 years passed all but one of the historical churches are closed. 
russian monastery
Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery used to be the largest monastery of Northern Russia. The monastery was founded in 1397 on the Siverskoye lake, close to the town of Belozersk. That cloister also served as a political prison for Muscovites.
russian volga river
An attractive Volga riverside town of Plyos, where the dream world of XIX-century Russia is said to still exist.
russian road
The beauty of Russian road.
russian lake
The Siverskoe lake in ancient town of Kirillov, Vologda region.
russian church landmark
Crumbling and abandoned during the Soviet years of neglect churches lay dotted all over Russia. Nevertheless even in a state of deterioration there remains a majestic beauty even to the ruins.
russian village morning
Early morning in ancient town of Belozersk, Vologda region.
russia pushkin
Alexander Pushkin literature festival in poet's village of Boldino.
russian old house
The neo-classical Imperial Russian landscape has been borrowed from the West and dissociated from local Russian reality.
russian river and boat
At Volhov river in Veliky Novgorod.
russian abandoned church
Seems no one has acted to care for abandoned churches in Russia. Many of them will be lost. Conserving the historical buildings is not a priority for Russian state.
russain dance
A Russian folk festival in Nizny Novgorod region.
russain riber view
River not far from Kubenskoe lake, Vologda region.
russian landscape with cow
The Goritsy female monastery of Resurrection (founded in 1544) in the village of Goritsy, not far from the town of Kirillov, Vologda region.
russian landscape with old chapel
An old chapel at Sheksna river, Goritsy.
russian log house
A village on Volhov river near the town of Old Ladoga.
russian wooden church
Traditional wooden church architecture has its origins in the very depths of the Russian land and culture, finding roots with early Vikings came to Russia.
russian landscape
At the Vologda river.
russian forest road log house
Russian landscape at Veliky Novgorod region.
russian country view
Pskov-Caves Russian Orthodox male monastery located in Pechory, not far from Estonia.
north russian village
Many people in Russia still live in houses with no plumbing and sewerage, but with the electric supply and Sat TV & Internet. Nowadays in Leningradskaya oblast (St. Petersburg region) homeowners are forced to pay a bribe to get their houses connected in time to electric supply. Otherwise homeowner can "wait" for years to be plugged in.
russian log house
Landscape in Pskov region, Russia.
Russian countryside
Sometimes the Russian landscape is inherently bleak and unattractive: this church teeters on the brink of collapse.
"These poor villages, this meager nature:
Long-suffering native land, land of the Russian people!"

Fedor Tiutchev's poem of 1859, 'These Poor Villages'
russian log house
The chapel at the fortress of Izborsk, Pskov region. It is one one of the most ancient and impressive fortresses of Russian North-West.
russian log house
The Kamno sacred place landscape, Pskov region.
How do Russian people look like
What do typical Russian people look like? People in Russia look very diverse. Russians are mainly a mixture of Slav people and vikings with a blend of mongolian (tatar) blood. More photos of Russian people are coming soon...
russian landscape
New Ladoga town on Volhov river, 100 km East from St. Petersburg.
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