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Russian Dacha HD photo images

russain dacha


Old and new Russian dacha.

What is Russian Dacha? Russian dacha house is a recreational amenity and a temporary refuge from the metropolitan civilization and working days routine. It can be a Czar's summer residence by the sea in Peterhof or President Putin palace in Strelna. Dacha can be a Soviet or post-Soviet official country retreat. Dacha can be a simple log house in a village. Or it can be a tiny dwelling on a small lot in outskirts. Dacha can be a small fruits and vegetables farmstead for out of land living. Dacha can be a modern second house for pot-of-town living. In any case Dacha - is a seasonal, summer, vacation or weekend dwelling for towneе. Dacha - is a welcoming halfway house between metropolis and countryside to implement the Russian way of negotiating urbanization and social harassment stress.

Photos: © Andrew Dachnick.
All photos (Full HD wallpaper downloads) are licensed for free private non-commercial use.

Peter the Great dacha
The Marly palace in the lower park of Peterhof ('Russian Versailles') was built by Peter the Great as an intimate dacha retreat. That Peterr's dacha was inspired by the visit to royal hunting lodge at Marly Le Roi, just outside Paris in 1717.
Peter the Great lower dacha in Peterhof
The Peter the Great dacha house 'Monplaisir' ('My pleasure') at lower park of Peterhof. The Monplaisir dacha architecture was inspired by a Dutch Colonial mansion and it's construction was completed in 1723.
russian prince dacha
A very imposing Grand Duchess Mikhail Nikolaevich dacha overlooking the Finnish gulf on the Peterhof road.
russianabandoned  dacha
Abandoned XVIII century dacha not far from the town of Oranienbaum is going to fall apart without the reconstruction.
russian old time dacha
Old countryside log house - Izba is still serving as a dacha for lower middle class people in Russia.
old russain dacha
XIX th century dacha house in Strelna on Peterhof road.
old russain wooden villa dacha
Impressive XIX century wooden villa - dacha in Oranienbaum.
Alexander Pushin's Russian dacha in Boldino
Russian famous poet Alexander Pushkin's dacha house in Boldino.
russian dacha
Old soviet time planked log house dacha.
soviet dacha construction
Author's grandparents dachas construction at the end of 1960-th.
soviet and post-soviet time russian dacha
Now the old wooden plank soviet dacha is finished with Canadian vinyl siding.
russian dacha
Time passes - the old dacha is still there.
dacha house construction consecration
Russian Orthodox priest proceeded to consecrate the new dacha house construction.
russian dacha
Post-Soviet Russian dacha neighborhood.
soviet time russian dacha
Soviet time middle class dacha.
log house russian dacha
Post soviet time middle class log house dacha.
russian dacha neighborhoods
Russian 'dachniki' neighbors - summer dacha folk.
soviet dacha
The tiny dacha house in outskirts of nowhere was built at the beginning of 1990th - U.S.S.R. empire collapse time. The owner can be a Ph.D. or M.D. whose professional life was ruined along with the communist ideology.
russian dacha
Soviet time dacha house in Vologda town suburbs.
russian dacha people
Russian dacha easy-going sociability and vodka-soaked hospitality.
russian dacha
Vinyl siding is the most popular wall covering building material in post-soviet Russian dachas. It is used for old dachas renovation and for the new constructions. Most of Russian country houses look 'plastic' now.
log house dacha
Modern log house dacha with the XIX century look.
russian dacha interior
Log house dacha interior.
russian dacha garden work
Dacha garden works in spring time.
russian sauna banya at dacha
Russian sauna (banya) at dacha lot in St. Peterburg suburbs.
modern russian dacha
Modern Russian middle class dacha mansion.
Andrew Dachnik
Author's dacha dwelling built by shipping container conversion.
russian dacha
Some Russian northern dacha harvest.
russian dacha design
Soviet dacha architecture design is still popular in post-soviet time.
russian dacha design
Russian masonic dacha with a copy of Peter the Great Red house and with a modern lighthouse.
russian dacha images
A-frame dacha house with some improvements and extensions.
russian dacha neighborhoods
Very different architecture - is a characteristic feature of Russian dacha neighbourhoods. Nobody cares about keeping the architecture style.
russian dacha architecture
Sometimes Russian dacha architecture style can be more than weird.
russian dacha solar system
Modern solar and Sat technologies are well known at Russian dachas.
russian dacha mushrooms
Fishing and mushrooming are the favorite dachas time spending hobby. Oh... I forgot about the shashlik and vodka...
wooden russian dacha
Modern Finnish style wooden dacha in Russia.
russian dacha modern interior
Modern middle class Russian dacha interior.
russian dacha log house construction
Dacha log homes are still popular all over Russia.
russian dacha mansion
Upper middle class dacha mansion in Pskov region.
stone russian dacha
A drop of oriental style in Russain dacha.
log house russian dacha
Norwegian log house style Russian dacha.
russian dacha squirrel
Dacha's squirrel.
russian soviet dacha
Soviet time colorful dacha outlook cacophony.
russian cat
The British cat at Russian dacha.
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