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Photos of Russia: old and new Russian Orthodox chapels

russian chapel

A chapel is a non-official Christian place of worship, looks like a small church without separate altar room. In Russia chapels were built on the ancient sacred places, over the pagan sacred stones, holy wells and sacred springs. Chapel used as a church replacement in small remote villages. Also chapels were built at cemeteries and at the historical sites, such as battlefields. The wayside chapels in Russia were built to give wayfarer a rest and a place for pray to survive in a long road.

Russian people like chapel's pray for it is more intimate, peaceful and relaxing way to pray, to be with God alone without other people moving around them. Russian chapels is more close to advocate the real Russian people soul than official churches. That folk attitude has caused several waves of chapels demolishing initiated by Peter the Great and 300 years later by bolsheviks (Vladimir Lenin) and communists (Nikita Khrushchev). A lot of ancient 'unofficial' chapels disappeared, but some of them has survived.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Russian chapels. If you will have an idea to take a tour around Russian countryside chapels - you are welcome! My contact information.

Photos: © Andrew Dachnick.
All photos (incl. Full HD wallpaper downloads) are licensed for free private non-commercial use. Images are clickable.

russian wooden chapel
The Russian Orthodox Holy Virgin's Kaznskay Icon log chapel of at Meleksa holy well was built in 1996.
Russian chapel altar
The wooden Russian chapel interior.
old russian chapel
Old Russain log chapel in Verduga village, town of Luga district.
russian orthodox chapel
The Chapel of St. George in Domaskovitsy village with ancient early christian stone holy crosses incorporated into the walls. Built 1910.
russian chapel in monastery
The Theotokos emotion icon chapel in Pskov Cave monastery.
old sacred russian chapel
The unique sacred chapel built by soviet people in 1960th in a hidden forest site of Syabero village to pray secretly hidden from soviet officials.
russian chapel shingles roofing
Russian Orthodox chapel shingles roofing.
old wooden russian chapel
19th century St. Frol & St. Lavr Russian wooden chapel in Zahonie village, town of Luga district.
russian wooden chapel new construction
The new log chapel of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa construction in Sybero village.
abandoned russian chapel
The abandoned chapel Chapel of St. Elijah the Prophet in Litizno village, Kingisepp district, was built in 1815.
wooden russian chapel
The wooden Russian orthodox St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel was built in 1704 at the Russian-Swedish battlefield. The local Ragovitsy village woman Lidiya Ivanovna has adopted this old chapel.
Russian chapele interior
Inside St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel in Ragovitsy village.
Russian pillar chapel
The wayside pillar chapel in village of Samro, Slancy region.
russian orthodox mansory chapel
Old Russian Orthodox chapel at Zaruchie village.
private russian chapel
This private Orthodox chapel was built at the Russian dacha lot, but open to the public.
russian pavillon chapel
The pavillion chapel at scared spring site in Vibyie.
Russian chapel architecture
The holy well chapel (1911) in Pskov Cave monastery.
sacred russian chapel
Folk sacred St. Nicholas chapel by the holy well in Vastcy village, close to Izborsk town.
sacred russian chapel interior
Inside the Russian Orthodox chapel in Vastcy village.
sacred russian chapel interior
Chapel of Our Lady of Korsun near the Izborsk fortress.
ancient russian chapel
The 19th century chapel of the Intercession near the Izborsk fortress.
holy cross in russian chapel
The Pokrov chapel was built over the ancient stone Holy Cross installed here in the early Christianity times.
russian chapel altar
The altar inside the Pokrov chapel.
wooden russian chapel
St. Anastsia wooden chapel in Brod village was built in 19th century over the ancient stone Holy Cross.
old russian chapel
The old Trinity chapel in Izborsk town was built in 18th century. Old chapels survived in Izborsk area because that district became a part of Estonia after the October revolution in 1917 and bolsheviks had no chance to demolish these ancient chapels like in Soviet Russia.
lakeside russian chapel
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox chapel at Talabsk (Zalit) island at Pskov lake.
log russian chapel
The Holy Virgin's Icon of Trevenechy wooden chapel near the Alexander Svirsky monastery.
modern russian chapel
The neo-Russian style chapel of the Transfiguration was built near the Elizarova monastery in 2011.
wooden russian chapel
Old wooden St. Frol & Lavr chapel in Maly village of Izborsk region.
Russian pillar chapel
The wayside fence pillar chapel at Kamno pogost, Pskov.
Russian chapel
The chapel of St. Trifon Gorodecky was rebuilt in Soviet time (1950-1960th) over the earlier destroyed one.
Russian orthodox chapel interior
The wonder-making and healing relics of St. Trifon Gorodetsky inside the chapel in Gorodec village, town of Luga district.
Russian pillar chapel
The wooden wayside pillar chapel in Vitoslavitsy open air Russian wooden architecture museum.
Russian pillar chapel
The wayside pillar chapel at the road to the St. Alexander Svirsky monastery.
wired russian chapel
Sometimes the Russian folk chapel architecture is about to be weird: the St. Ioann Kronshtadsky wooden chapel in Golubkovo village not far from town of Luga.
old wooden russian chapel
This Russian Orthodox wooden chapel in Vitoslavitsy museum was built in 1698.
sacred spring russian chapel
The sacred spring chapel in Oyat monastery.
old russian chapel
The Russian Orthodox Chapel of the Our Lady "Three Hands" Icon built in 19th century at Lugovichi lake.
ancient russian wooden chapel
Chapel of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1823 in Haragenichi village, Tichvin district.
russian orthodox wooden chapel altar
The Russian Orthodox chapel interior.
russian orthodox monastery wooden chapel
St. Nile Stolobensky wooden chapel in Zalazy village, Plussa district.
wired russian chapel
The Trinity chapel (church) in Bolshoe Zagorje village, Pskov region. Was built in 2005 over old time walls.
russian chapel
St. Anthony Dymsky chapel at The Holy Trinity monastery not far from Tichvin.
russian chapel in Tervenechy monastery
Russian Orthodox chapel of Our Lady "Life-giving Spring" icon in Tervenechy female monastery.
russian orthodox chapel interior
Inside the sacred spring chapel of Tervenechy female monastery.
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