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Dacha is a Russian seasonal or year-round country house (a second home). Most Russians vacationed in the Russian countryside at Dachas. Dachnik - anyone who lives in a Dacha. That term usually refers to a whole distinctive self builder lifestyle.

The Do It.House web site was founded by Russian self-builder Andrew Dachnick. Andrew's web project (Dacha house & Home) is a popular DIY and self-building information source in Russian-speaking Eastern European countries. Andrew's English self builder edition Do It.House is to guide you through a route to completing your Dream Home project in a cost-effective way paying for your new house not only with funds, but with ideas and your own handwork.

self built houses Becoming an experienced handyman Andrew Dachnick has created 3 country houses for his family.
His writing has appeared in the "AiF Na Dache" federal newspaper and "Master Sam" self-builder magazine. In 2012 his e-book "DIY strip foundations" (In Russian. 198 pages) was published. Andrew's DIY house projects are proving that any person like you, with no building skills and special education, can build a good house himself.
All Andrew's houses projects will appear soon in details at Do It.House.
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At Do It.House we will tell you all our trade secrets of house building. We will take you through the whole custom self build house construction process from the home architecture to foundation works, wall construction, and roofing and engineering system installation. This provides step-by-step illustrated guidance about how run a self build project, including information about the building materials and technologies. Whether you’re experienced self-builder, or just starting your first project, you’ll find information here to help you realise your new construction, renovation or conversion DIY project. Stay tuned with us and one day you’ll end up with a dream house that’s unique to you.

  small house project The article of the day:

Small weekend house project
  Small weekend house measures only 250 square feet and consists of 1.5 stories. Why to build a small house? Tiny house is a perfect choice for hermit cabin, lake, mountain or forest cabin, or a retreat, weekend house.
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